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Never Take Your Healthy Teeth for Granted

When I was growing up, my mother took my three brothers and I to the dentist for check-ups every six months, and while my brothers all tended to need cavity fillings after the exams, I didn't get a cavity for almost my entire childhood! That led me to start feeling like my teeth were "invincible," and once I moved out of my parents house, I started skipping my trips to the dentist. I soon regretted it, because I developed a toothache that put me through the worst pain of my life. I went to visit the dentist, and he told me that not only did I need a root canal, but I also had two additional cavities to fill! I have since dedicated myself to good oral hygiene, and I decided to start a blog to share my oral health tips and encourage others to take care of their teeth!


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Are You Tired Of Your Dentures Moving Around? Learn About Overdentures

Wearing dentures can be difficult to cope with if they are not fitted perfectly to the size of your mouth. If you don't like the fact that your dentures are not secure enough, you may want to get overdentures as a replacement. Find out below why you should consider overdentures, as well as if they fit within your budget.

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are just like the ones that you have; only they are designed to work with dental implants. If you wear a full set of dentures, metal posts will be installed into your upper and lower jawbones. In order for the metal posts to be stable, your jawbones must be in a good condition. You will be given an x-ray so the condition of your jawbones can be determined. The implants become as stable as natural roots once they have fully attached to the jawbone.  If you have weak jawbones, bone grafting will have to be done before you can get the implants for your overdentures.

You will find that overdentures are beneficial because they are able to stimulate your jawbones when you are eating. It is vital for jawbones to be stimulated to prevent them from shrinking. Jawbones can naturally shrink when you are missing teeth. You will also benefit when it comes to chewing food more thoroughly, as the implants will keep the dentures more secure than adhesives and denture cream.

Caring for your overdentures will be the same as with regular dentures, as you will have to remove them each day for sanitizing. Keep the overdentures brushed if you want them to last long.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated with Dental Implants for Overdentures?

There is always the risk for an infection to occur when undergoing a surgical procedure. You may be given antibiotics before and after your dental implant procedure to prevent an infection. There is also the risk of suffering from nerve damage, which can lead to numbness in your gums and other areas of your mouth. You will be placed under local anesthesia to numb your gums for pain during the procedure. However, it is also possible for you to be sedated for even more comfort.

Be prepared to spend at least $2,400 plus for each implant needed for your overdentures. It is not common for insurance to cover implants, but you may be able to get financing through the dental clinic. Call to make an appointment to start the process for your dental implants and overdentures!