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Never Take Your Healthy Teeth for Granted

When I was growing up, my mother took my three brothers and I to the dentist for check-ups every six months, and while my brothers all tended to need cavity fillings after the exams, I didn't get a cavity for almost my entire childhood! That led me to start feeling like my teeth were "invincible," and once I moved out of my parents house, I started skipping my trips to the dentist. I soon regretted it, because I developed a toothache that put me through the worst pain of my life. I went to visit the dentist, and he told me that not only did I need a root canal, but I also had two additional cavities to fill! I have since dedicated myself to good oral hygiene, and I decided to start a blog to share my oral health tips and encourage others to take care of their teeth!


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Options For Treating Stained Teeth

Stained teeth can be a drain on confidence and downright embarrassing. That's why many people get treatment for their tooth discoloration. Here are some treatment options for treating tooth stains.

Home Interventions

The first option is to use a series of home interventions to try and reverse the effects of teeth staining. You could try over-the-counter whitening strips or whitening gels to lift stains out of your teeth gradually. These products often use a solution of hydrogen peroxide that is diluted to be safe for home use.

In addition to these whitening options, it's helpful to come up with a plan for reducing discoloration naturally through your lifestyle. One thing to consider is eliminating any foods and drinks that could stain your teeth further. This includes dark teas, coffee, and wine. Sugary foods can also take their toll on teeth, because they weaken the enamel and allow discoloring substances to seep into your tooth.

Dental Whitening

Professional teeth whitening service is another option. At the dentist's office, you will be given professional whitening trays that are customized to fit your teeth's shape. The solution used in a dental teeth whitening tray is also stronger than what you can find at home, which means that this treatment might be more effective on a shorter time span. Combine this with the home lifestyle interventions above, and it can be a great solution for combating discolored teeth.


If you want to completely eliminate stains and not have to worry about them coming back, dental veneers are a third option. With this treatment, a porcelain prosthetic is attached to the front of the tooth. This material will be resistant to whatever is causing your teeth staining to begin with. If you do opt to get dental veneers, many dentists will recommend that you replace all of your front teeth rather than just one. Your natural teeth will inevitably lose their whiteness over time, which means that the white porcelain veneer may appear mismatched to the rest of your teeth.


A final option is to have dental bonding done. With this process, a hard substance is applied to the teeth and then bonded by using UV light to harden the material onto your tooth. It's a great solution for on-the-fly treatment, since your dentist can use the malleable material to shape it directly onto your teeth. This is a compromise between affordability and permanence.

For more information about your options, contact a company like Graylyn Dental.