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Never Take Your Healthy Teeth for Granted

When I was growing up, my mother took my three brothers and I to the dentist for check-ups every six months, and while my brothers all tended to need cavity fillings after the exams, I didn't get a cavity for almost my entire childhood! That led me to start feeling like my teeth were "invincible," and once I moved out of my parents house, I started skipping my trips to the dentist. I soon regretted it, because I developed a toothache that put me through the worst pain of my life. I went to visit the dentist, and he told me that not only did I need a root canal, but I also had two additional cavities to fill! I have since dedicated myself to good oral hygiene, and I decided to start a blog to share my oral health tips and encourage others to take care of their teeth!


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How to Determine Whether to Go with Trays or Metal Braces?

Many adults get braces later in life because their parents couldn't afford them. If you have really crooked or spaced teeth and want to get them straightened, you'll want to weigh the options between getting traditional metal braces and correcting trays--both offered by most orthodontists. Here's what you need to know about both options.

Braces Provide More Comprehensive Alignment Than Invisalign

If you are having jaw issues, particularly if your bottom jaw doesn't fit right with your upper teeth, then metal braces may get you better results. Metal braces not only straighten teeth, but they are used to tighten and adjust the jawline as necessary. This can help issues like TMJ and other problems that you may be having. The almost invisible aligners that are apart of the Invisalign product are great for straightening more minor spacing between teeth.

The Time for Straightening Is Similar

If you qualify for either braces or an Invisalign-type aligner, and if your concern is which is faster, then it's important to understand that the straightening time will be similar. As long as you are staying up on visiting the orthodontist for tighter aligners with Invisalign, or if you have braces, getting your braces tightened, the results should happen at a similar pace. Ultimately, the main reason an adult will choose a clear-aligning tray like Invisalign over braces is the fact that its less noticeable. Not only that, but fitted aligners can be removed, while braces stay on for as long as a year.

The Cost Will Depend on Your Coverage

Getting some sort of dental insurance is a good idea no matter what kind of orthopedic remedy you choose. When it comes to insurance providers, you can expect to pay a little more in most cases for the newer, clear aligner products. These products can be a little more expensive because of the maintenance involved, and because appointments are more frequent to get adjusted aligners. That being mentioned, it isn't always the case that you'll pay more for one or the other. It will mostly depend on your insurance policy.

It's a good idea to explore all of your options, especially if you are nervous about getting orthodontic treatment as an adult. It's a good idea to get dental insurance first, unless you can afford a large fee upfront. This will help you be able to afford any option you decide is best for you. For more information, talk to a dentist like Crest Hill Family Dental.