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Never Take Your Healthy Teeth for Granted

When I was growing up, my mother took my three brothers and I to the dentist for check-ups every six months, and while my brothers all tended to need cavity fillings after the exams, I didn't get a cavity for almost my entire childhood! That led me to start feeling like my teeth were "invincible," and once I moved out of my parents house, I started skipping my trips to the dentist. I soon regretted it, because I developed a toothache that put me through the worst pain of my life. I went to visit the dentist, and he told me that not only did I need a root canal, but I also had two additional cavities to fill! I have since dedicated myself to good oral hygiene, and I decided to start a blog to share my oral health tips and encourage others to take care of their teeth!


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The Procedure And Benefits Of Dental Implants

Losing teeth due to accidents or cavities can cause pain and really hurt self-confidence. It can also cause problems for your other teeth as you adjust your bite and chewing patterns to make up for the lack of teeth. A lack of teeth can lead to unhealthy diets, which can cause severe health problems down the road. Fortunately, getting dental implants can fix all these issues.


It is important to know that this procedure is very safe. Thousands of dentists perform it routinely, with a success rate of over 98%. If you have good health and enough jawbone, you are a good candidate for dental implants. The dental implant procedure starts by surgically implanting a titanium rod into your gums. The rod then fuses with the jawbone to create a solid foundation that a new tooth can be attached to. The rod will act just like the roots of a normal tooth and will keep the new tooth securely in place. Once the surgery is complete, it takes anywhere from 3-6 months for the rod to fully fuse to your jawbone and healing to be complete. At this point, you can treat your new implants just like any other tooth. Because of the material that they are made from, the implants will not form cavities like a normal tooth. Normal brushing and flossing are all that are needed to keep your dental implants in perfect condition.


Two of the biggest benefits that you get from dental implants are the appearance and functionality of the tooth. First, your appearance will be back to normal. Often, missing one or more teeth can cause your cheek to sink into the gap that the missing teeth leave behind. With dental implants, the gap is gone, and your cheeks will not get that sunken look. Also, the fake tooth is color-matched to the surrounding teeth. That means unless you tell somebody that you have dental implants, they are never going to be able to tell. You can laugh and smile with the confidence of knowing that you have great-looking teeth. Next, you get back the full functionality of your mouth. The dental implants will be custom-made to match your mouth. Everything will be done to make it seem like your tooth was never gone. The top and sides will feel the same, and you will not have to adjust to something foreign being in your mouth.

Getting dental implants is the perfect solution to missing teeth. It is an easy procedure, with a high success rate, and it is easy to take care of after it is complete. Getting an implant now will save you from pain and health problems in the future. If you have enough jawbone for it, there is really no reason to put off getting dental implants.